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Have  you ever wanted to scan a document while you were away from your office or your house? Whether it’s an ad that you want to remember, or you just find that you have some files you want to scan while away from your desk, many of us have been in the situation at some point where we want to scan something and either save it for later or send it off somewhere. Now, you can do it anywhere and any time with the CamScanner app that comes free for the iPhone.

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CamScanner will scan any document you ask it to, and it will do it with features such as the anti-shake, which makes sure that even if your hands are shaking as you can, the finished scanned picture won’t be affected by it. And, you can also scan more than one page in one scan, a feature that is almost unthinkable when it comes to using your cell phone as a portable scanner. And, you can also edit your scans right within the app – editing, resizing, and cropping right on your phone!

Once you have finished scanning and editing, you can then save the scan or send it on to whoever you want. And, you can also add tags to your scans. This makes it much easier later when you’re searching for that scan that you put in last week. The app has gotten very good reviews from users, although some have reported that saved scans sometimes vanish. Although there is no word yet from the developers on when this app is getting an update, hopefully one will be released and that will fix the problem.

Best of all, this app will cost you less than any other scanner ever will – because it’s free! And you can download it here.

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