Apple vs. Blackberry: RIM Wins

Apple and Blackberry have been competing for a long time now in the Smartphone market and although Blackberry were the first on the scene in terms of Smartphone’s, for a while, Apple have actually been dominating the market. It has now emerged that RIM has actually had better sales than Apple in the festive month of December of last year. This comes as a huge blow to Apple after having such a dominant position in the market for so long.

Blackberry sales have actually bettered the sales of the iPhone device during the month of December in 2010. Blackberry have actually sold more of their phones than Apple during this time over the Christmas period where their sales are thought to have been on the increase as people purchase mobile phones for Christmas presents. This has come as a shock for both Apple and Rim and many people are wondering how this could have happened.

Well, basically, there are a couple of things that could have caused this. The first thing is that Blackberry has many more phones than Apple. Apple simply has the iPhone whereas Rim has a number of Blackberry’s to choose from. As well as this, Blackberry’s are considered cheaper than the iPhone device and sometimes a better business solution. Another reason is that RIM has recently launched the Blackberry 9800 which is currently competing with the Apple iPhone.

RIM are also planning to launch their Playbook device in March which will rival Apple’s iPad.

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