Apple iTunes Breaks Copyright Laws

Apple iTunes is a fantastic way for people to get their hands on some of the best content that is available in the world. There are hundreds and thousands of movies and TV shows that are available to download using the service and for Apple to do this; they of course have to have permission from the people that make them. However, Apple has now been involved in a copyright feud after they didn’t ask for the consent of some movies before allowing them into iTunes.

Apple has been found to have started to offer some old Russian Films in the iTunes store which have been made available for their iPhone users and they can be downloaded as apps. However, it has now been found that Apple did not ask at all before putting these into their iTunes library and now, they have received complaints from the makers of the films. After receiving the complaints from the makers of the films, Apple did say that they would be taken seriously and thy quickly removed the films from the iTunes store.

It is thought that Apple made an error when allowing the films into the iTunes store as they believed that the films would be out of copyright. Despite the films being quite old, it has been found that they are actually still in copyright and this is what has led to Apple getting the complaints from the makers of the films.

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