Apple beats Blackberry in Smartphone sales

For a long time now, Blackberry has been one of the most popular Smartphone’s on the market and they are manufactured by a company named RIM. One of the things that Apple; the maker of the iPhone device, has been trying to do is to actually beat RIM in their sales for their Blackberry devices. Now, for the first time ever, Apple has actually beaten the company and has managed to sell more iPhone devices than Blackberry devices.

Information was released today that Apple has in fact sold more of their iPhone 4 devices globally over the last quarter than RIM has sold Blackberry devices. It is said that Apple actually sold 14.1 million iPhone devices whilst RIM sold 12.4 million Blackberry devices. It is said that this record amount of sales for Apple could have been due to the company shipping in many more countries since the release of the iPhone 4. Apple is now ranked as the fourth largest mobile phone vendor in the world with RIM; the manufacturer of the Blackberry devices, now in fifth position. Nokia is still the world’s leader of mobile phone sales and remains in the first position. Nokia had sales of over 100 million mobile phone units in the third quarter meaning that they claim the number one spot by a long way.

Apple has done extremely well to get to this position in the mobile phone market as they only released their iPhone device just a few years ago.

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