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The latest sensation on the market is IPhone 3gs. There are huge numbers of sales in the recent past on the mobile market. What is that special in it that attracts many? One main thing that has attracted these many users is the gaming option in it. This mobile has the top games available on the market. After long and tedious research iPhone has launched this model. These iPhone 3Gs games are developed using various programming languages in various frameworks and platforms. For example on MAC platform languages used are Objective C, OpenGL, Core Imaging, Core Video, Core Audio, Core Animation etc. MAC platform is the popular platform for the game development in the industry.

What are all the special features in this model in the gaming side? There are few strong features like Scene Management, Menus and attractive buttons. The iPhone 3Gs games are designed using Oolong Game Engine by well trained professionals. This engine accepts languages written in C++ & Objective-C. The exciting screen present in this I phone 3gs also makes it more suitable for gaming. Screen has been made using a special coating technique called as oleophobic coating which is fingerprint resistant. This screen helps in boosting up the image quality. When you play even a 2D game in this phone the screen boosts the quality and it makes it look like a 3D game. Some of the games give you the real 3D feeling and a feel like you are playing in a play station. 3D games present are Nicky Boom, half life 2, Santo etc

There is no doubt that this is the perfect smart phone for game lovers.

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