Apple has started work on Mac OS X 10.8

From the declaration of the site, Apple seems to have started to test a new version of OS X. This was noticed in the journal of access the site, which noted that more and more Max OS X 10.8 users – not yet published version of the operating system – have accessed the page since August.

This does not mean that we approach of a new OS release from Apple. The version 10.7, called “Lion”, was launched just four months ago. And yet, we can be fairly confident that these diaries are genuine evidence; version Lion went through very similar tests two years ago.

These samples fit perfectly in the test-pattern-launch announcement of Apple, all versions of OS X were released every two years: 10.3 in 2003, 10.4 in 2005, 10.5 in 2007, 10.6 in 2009, 10.7 in 2011, coupled with the fact that all versions have had a year of the first testing until the official announcement and about 20 months before the official launch means that we will see how the new OS X most likely in 2012 and we will have it in hands on 2013.

About the name and what will have, in fact, 10.8, nothing is known. The name of the last OS, Lion, seems to indicate a certain peak and, therefore, one end of the range of operating systems with feline names. Apple bought the brands “Lynx” and “Cougar”, but has long given to them. So, we can only guess.

And guessing, speculation and whispering in the corners is exactly what Apple calls the audience to do. It is not a coincidence that the visits were made on site, nor that these releases were always the same pattern. Apple has always relied on the fuss that they can start with such a rumor, and that just fueled the public is always thirsty for new information. However, Apple products are quality products and this can be discussed only because of a very smart marketing strategy.

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