What is the Best Flashlight App for iPhone?

Flashlight App for iPhoneAppleRepo.com, Apple is one of the largest electronics companies in the world, and one of its famous product icons is the iPhone and the iPad, a smartphone manufactured by Apple.

This smartphone uses the iOS operating system or the iPhone operating system. An operating system for smartphones and other devices manufactured and sold by Apple. This software was developed specifically for Apple products and is not licensed for any other brand products.

This Apple smartphone comes with a variety of advanced features aimed at the convenience of its users. One of them is the LED flashlight.

The LED flashlight embedded on iPhone can be used as a cell phone flashlight by downloading the flashlight app first.

By default, the iPhone does not include a flashlight application or special flashlight features. However, for those of you who would like to have a flashlight application, you can download it from Apple’s App Store.

Also, Apple didn’t embed this flashlight function into the iPad’s design either. Despite being a large model, the iPad’s two-handed operation makes it less effective to use as a flashlight in emergencies or in dark situations.

That’s why Apple didn’t embed a flashlight in the iPad. So if you want your iPhone or iPad to act as a flashlight when the lights go out, download the right flashlight app from the App Store.

flashlight app for iphone

Flashlight App for iPhone

As one of the smartphones, the iPhone also has many applications that explore the sophistication of its technology. One of them is a flashlight application. This application is very useful when the lights go out or we are in the dark. We don’t have to bother looking for a flashlight, just turn on the flashlight application function, and your favorite iPhone can be used like a flashlight in general.

The light used for this flashlight application comes from the LED flashlight feature of the iPhone. By using the best flashlight app for iPhone, you can use the LED flashlight feature on your iPhone as a cell phone flashlight. One of the flashlight apps that you can install on your iPhone is Light. This light app can turn your iPhone into an emergency flashlight.

A little about the LED flashlight feature on the iPhone, since the iPhone 4 generation Apple has pinned it to its camera as part of the new standard. This LED flashlight feature not only can be used to illuminate the iPhone camera, but also can be used as a flashlight, which can be accessed even on iOS 7 to iOS 10.

There are at least three ways to turn on this LED flashlight feature, namely through the control center, through the camera app, or accessed with an additional application dedicated to a flashlight. LED lamps have a very long lifespan, tens of thousands of hours.

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How to use the iPhone LED flashlight

As mentioned above, there are 3 ways to use the LED flashlight on iPhone namely through Control Center, Camera app and additional applications.

To access from the control center, you just have to go to the control center menu and press the flashlight button icon, the light will turn on immediately.

Next up is the camera app. You bring up the camera menu and then select the video mode. Then activate the flashlight from the icon at the top left of the screen. To easily turn on the light, you don’t need to press the record button icon and the light stays on.

The third option is to use the flashlight application that you downloaded from Apple’s App Store. There are many flashlight apps offered, choose the one you like and easy to use.

LED itself is an acronym for Light Emitting Diode, a diode that can produce light when electrified by electricity. Briefly about light, light is a form of energy, but light and flashlights are not powered, whether on land, on water, in the air or in space. Because the energy generated is not so great that it does not have the driving force to move an object.

Back on the iPhone, the LED flashlight it carries can be used as a cell phone flashlight by slightly customizing its usage. You can download the special iPhone flashlight app to use this LED flashlight as a flashlight.

The Best iPhone app for a flashlight

So what is the best iPhone app for a flashlight? That’s relative, there are many good flashlight apps for your iPhone. But I personally prefer Flashlight by Rik, by Henri Asseily.

The reason is simple, as it is one of the best flashlight apps for iPhone, free and without ads. In addition, this mobile flashlight application does not consume much memory and has an attractive appearance. This flashlight app runs well on iOS 5 and iPhone 4.

If the best free apps exist, then why choose paid apps? Aside from the above apps, there are also the best flashlight apps that stay on when the screen is locked. Because often the flashlight application also turns off when the screen is locked and does not turn on.

You can choose a flashlight app that will keep the flashlight on even when your iPhone screen is locked and won’t turn on or off.

In Apple’s App Store there are many applications for the iPhone that are free, but there are also some that you have to buy first. The most fundamental difference is usually that these free applications have ads decorating them. While the purchased application does not exist.

Therefore, choose the flashlight app for iPhone wisely. Much luck.

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