Apple App Store under Threat from Rivals

The Apple App Store has become one of the most successful ideas in recent years and it is now used on a whole load of Apple devices. The app store allows users of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices to download and install applications for them with just one click. Users can even purchase applications and they will then be installed automatically. This has simplified the way that we download new content to our mobile device but it is now thought that Apple’s app store could be under threat from some other rivals.

Many other companies have tried their own versions of the app store in the past and they have had significant success. Despite Apple’s app store still being by far the largest in the world, it is thought that many other competitors are closing in one Apple. Competitors such as Android are doing particularly well and they now have 130,000 applications in their app store. This is six times the amount that they had at the end of 2009 and it is said that this is actually growing at a much higher rate than Apple’s app store.

As well as this, there is also competition from the Nokia app store which currently has around 25,000 applications in it. This is said to have more than tripled in the past year making it the third biggest growing applications store out there.

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