Apple release all time best iPhone Apps List

Apple is well known for having the app store which is available for all the users of the iPhone and iPad devices. There are hundreds of thousands of application sin the app store and today, Apple has released a list of the all time best applications to hit the app store.

In this list, there are both free and paid applications and there are some apps that we will all have heard of and there are also some that many people won’t know that well. For example, the all time best paid iPhone application is Angry Birds. This application has been a huge success since it was released and has since been put out onto many other mobile devices and consoles. Also included in the top paid iPhone apps is Doodle Jump, Pocket God, Tap Tap Revenge 3 and many other well known titles. There are also things such as Whatsapp Messenger which allows users to socialise using their device.

There are also a range of free iPhone applications and some of these include the obvious things such as the Facebook and eBay applications. However, there are also things such as Paper Toss, a game where you have to throw paper into a bin as well as Bump; an app that allows users to share files and messages by bumping their phones together. As well as this, there is also the Sky News iphone application which allows users to view news on their devices.

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