Your Favorite TV Stations Have Their own IPhone App

When it comes to the IPhone apps it seems as if everyone has one. Even a business that you would think would not get any use from having an app in the iTunes store have one. But it just goes to show and prove that the app store has become big business and it is almost as important as having a web site was 5 years ago. The one great thing about the app store is how much entertainment you can get from it. This entertainment can come in many different forms but in this article we will talk about the apps that come from your favorite TV stations. Now even big media businesses such as television networks need an iphone app to broaden their customer range. We will talk about a select few of them but I am sure that you can find many more on your own.

The QVC app
Since women are proving to be one of the most voracious consumers when it comes to the app store marketplace it makes sense that this is one of the most popular apps. The QVC app is just like the web site and the television station in that it takes on the many different needs of today’s woman. The main purpose of the QVC app is to focus on beauty products. You will find a section on Bath & Body, Fragrances, Hair care; tools that will help you keep up your appearance and just general make up. So if you are a woman or if you are a man that knows a woman with an IPhone then you might want to suggest this app. I am sure that they will thank you for it.

The ESPN iPhone app
And now we swing all the way into the other direction with an app that is mostly dedicated to men. I am sure that there are going to be a few women who like this app as well but the overall consumer is men. This app provides you with a lot of goodies that you would expect from an IPhone 4 app from ESPN. You are able to watch video highlights of the days sporting events as well as listen to some of the radio shows that are produced on the ESPN network. You can also navigate around the app to get the latest scores and information. And you do not have to worry about the app only covering a limited amount of sports. The app seems to have as many sports to choose from as the web site. If you are a sports junkie then this is an app that you definitely want to take a look at.

The 106 and Park app
If you are a fan of hip hop and R&B then this is an app that you are really going to want to take a look at. Unlike the other apps that we have talked about, this one is based on a TV show and not the entire network. But it is the flag ship show of the network so we will add it in this list. Not only can you discover new music with this app, it will also allow you to interact live with the show through the twitter protocol. This is an app that is mainly for teenagers because they will get a thrill from being able to interact with the show live.

These are three TV Stations iPhone apps that will allow you to keep up with some of your favorite TV stations while you are on the IPhone 4. There are many other apps that fit into this category as well. Take a look through the app store and see what you find.

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