How to Change Alarm Sound on iPhone

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The iPhone has a silent alarm, which plays a soft tone to wake you up. However, this tone is barely audible. Many people do not realize this until it is too late and the alarm goes off.

iPhone sleep mode is quite different than android smartphone sleep mode. Android users generally go to deep sleep after turning their phone off, whereas iPhone users have the option of just putting their phone on silent or go to deep sleep. In deep sleep mode, the vibration and noise is barely noticeable, and the screen is black, but the phone is still on. When the phone is in this mode, the alarm sound will not wake you.

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I prefer using a song with a loud volume for all the important alarms. It is relatively easy to change the alarm sound on my iPhone 11 and iPhone 12.

If you are new to this phone, then probably you are looking how to change the alarm sound. The iPhone alarm setting isn’t available anywhere in the settings, however, you have the option to change the sounds for ringtone, text tone, mail and alerts under Settings > Sounds & Haptics.

iPhone comes with default sounds and alerts. You can change them as per your requirements or customize them as per your preference. iPhone uses Radar as the default alarm tone and Alert as the default vibration. You can use different tones, You don’t have to use the same tone.

Changing the default alarm sound isn’t a difficult task, and you can do that in a minute or less. Whether you change the sleep sounds, ringtones or alarms, the process is the same.

The iPhone lets you choose between three different alarm options. You can choose between vibrate only, sound only, and vibrate and alert through sound. Changing the sound for your iPhone alarm is easy to do. The section below will help you do it with ease.

how to change alarm sound on iphone

Steps on How to Change Alarm Sound on iPhone

To change the default alarm sound on your iPhone, all you need to do is:

  • Open the Clock App
  • Press the alarm icon on the bottom right
  • Press the time on the screen
  • Press the sound on the top right
  • Select your desired sound

In conclusion, you can easily change your iPhone alarm sound with a little help from your iPhone. And, you can get the alarm sound you want. It all depends on whether you want to spend a few dollars, or a few minutes, changing the alarm sound.

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