Apple to Offer Free iPhone 4 Cases to Users

As soon as the Apple iPhone 4 came out, users started to have problems with dropped calls. No one seemed to know what the problem was, just that they’d be talking on the phone, and all of a sudden would lose their call. And this happened again and again and again, each time with different users and different phones. At first, Apple kept pretty mum on the subject, but now they’ve offered a solution: free iPhone 4 cases to all iPhone 4 users!

How is this free case solution going to help with dropped calls? The answer lies in the antenna, which in this instance, is the case of the iPhone 4 itself. The problem this causes is that when a user holds the phone, the signal coming from the antenna gets muffled and calls get dropped. The new iPhone 4 cases that Apple is offering is said to alleviate this problem because the case will protect the antenna, and the signal, from the user’s hand and so, will allow people to talk on the phone at their leisure without having to worry about missing calls.

But there still seems to be an issue. Apple is doling out free cases, and even if you’ve already bought a case for your iPhone 4, you can get your money back if you contact Apple. But Apple is only offering these free cases until the end of September. So does this mean that any iPhone’s on the shelves after the end of September will come with their own free case? You would certainly hope so. 

It’s wonderful that Apple has owned up to their mistake and is working on a way to resolve it. But, they are still trying to shrug it off as casually as possible. Steve Jobs, Chief Executive at Apple, has said that the whole entire thing has been blown out of proportion and that other smartphones have also had this same problem. But of course, the other smartphone manufacturers are denying this, and there don’t seem to be a whole lot of reports of dropped calls coming from users of other phones. And as for it being blown out of proportion – well, when you buy a phone, you expect to be able to talk on it, don’t you? So I think iPhone users have every right to be upset that they haven’t been able to do so until now.

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