Fingerprint Phone Protector Free for iPhone

We’ve all seen the sci-fi movies that have fingerprint or palm-print recognition software, and watched as the display either flashed green to allow admittance into the “Top Secret” room, or flashed red and sounded an alarm to let authorities know that the wrong hands were trying to get their hands on something. Of course, this software is no longer just something for the movies, and it’s starting to appear more and more often in the real world. Now, with the Fingerprint Phone Protector app, you can have it too, and all in the palm of your hand!

The app works exactly the way you think it would. If you try to open up anything on your iPhone, the app will pop up and ask you for your fingerprint (that you’ve entered as the passcode fingerprint previously.) Place your thumb on the screen and the app will scan it. If it’s right, the iPhone is yours to roam. If it’s not though, an alarm will sound – so you’ll always know if someone is trying to break into your iPhone. Well, at least as long as you’re in earshot anyway.

The app is very cool, and very simple yet oh-so-high-tech. It is being offered for free in the App Store right now, but the store’s page does state that this will only be for a limited time. To start protecting your iPhone in one of the most technie-savvy ways, download it while it’s free here.

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