Apple Granted Patent for Bezel

The Apple iPhone and iPad devices are some of the most advanced touch screen devices in the world and they are classed as one of the best innovations of recent years. However, Apple is a company that is always looking push theirselves even further and today, it is said that they have actually been granted a patent that will allow them to add visual indicators and touch sensitive buttons to the bezel area of the display on these devices.

The patent is said to have been filed a while back in 2009 but today, it was actually granted permission by the US patent office. What the patent will allow Apple to do is to actually add what they are referring to as ‘hot spots’ to the devices that they create. This means that users could magically interact with the devices without even having to touch the screen. For example, there might be certain buttons that light up when the phone is being used in portrait mode as opposed to landscape mode or even something to give the user the ability to select something without touching the screen.

We are sure that Apple has plans for this patent and it is though that it could be something that we might see implemented on the iPhone 5 or the iPad 2 in the coming year or so. However, we have to remember that a patent is simply protecting an idea and it might not be used at all.

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