3 IPhone Apps You Might Not Know About

3 IPhone Apps You Might Not Know About. I used to get into arguments with my friends over which smart phone was better. There used to be just one smartphone and it was called the iPhone. There was just no argument. iPhone was coming into popularity and every other company was left behind. The fact that we are now in a time in our lives that there is so much technology readily available for us that we are even having conflicts about which one is better! That’s pretty great. Here are some of the best iphone apps that make your life better and maybe give your current device a leg to stand on.


If I was to describe this app in one word I would simply call it “AmazingILoveItPleaseGetItRightNow”… Okay seriously if you have a gmail account (if you don’t please make one) you need to check this out. The user interphase is flawless. As far as how it all feels when I’m using it, I have no complaints at all (which is surprising for a blogger). The only thing I wish it wasn’t confined to (here it comes) is that it only works with gmail accounts. Other than that, it’s perfect to me! Check out this video to see why it’s so great.


This is not really the best kept secret out there, but I do still see people out there that don’t know about these just yet. I have been using tweetbot ever since I got my first iOS device (iPad 3). But I’m not going to be a hipster about this, and I never was either! I would always tell everyone to get it. They would always look at me and go “But it’s like 3 bucks!” and I always look at them and go.. “It’s…3…bucks…” I never understood how people complain about the price of apps. It’s something you will use every single day and it’s less than 5 bucks. Most of you make 3 times that in an hour. This app is much like the first one. Flawless UI and looks stunning. Never had any issues with this app! Not even crashes. It’s simply a solid app!


Okay this makes me feel futuristic. I have been in so many situations where I walk out of my house and forget to arm the home alarm. Basically leaving my house unarmed and quite inviting to intruders. They could easily walk in and steal all my priceless Xbox 360 controllers and empty McDonalds bags… I really need to shape up… ANYWAY the point is this app basically fixes me. Sometimes I have a lot on my mind (like how great Iron Man 3 was) and completely forget. Well with this app… It sets an alert to push to your phone whenever you walk away from your house and reminding you to set it. You don’t have to even go back to your house. It’s all right there on your app. What I find very frustrating is the prices of home security. I did although find one company out of Texas that specializes in home alarm systems that blows any other price points out of the water. I love money. So in-turn i love any company that saves me money.
You can find all these apps on the app store for either free or for a small price. Come one, don’t complain about 3 dollars. It’s seriously chump change. When you get these apps that are only for iPhone, shove it in your friends that own androids. Seriously, why would you even buy an… Okay I’ll save that for next time.

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