How to Turn Off Amber Alerts Iphone

iPhone Amber Alerts automatically sends important alerts about missing children directly to iPhones that cause phones to make a loud noise and display a small warning on the screen.

US operators are now sending mobile yellow alerts and other important emergency alerts to the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 7 and to most Android smartphones. These warnings often contain vehicle information, but the same tool can also send weather warnings.

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With the recent news that the federal government has access to our phones and computers without our permission, many people are worried about the security of their devices. Some have even gone so far as to disable wi-fi and 3G service to prevent outside access. However, while this may prevent most online threats from accessing your device, it doesn’t do much to protect you from the Amber Alert.

This is an important tool for identifying and tracking missing children, but the alerts do not always contain all the information users need to help officials.

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How to turn off amber alert iphone
How to turn off amber alert iphone

If you receive an Android or iPhone Amber Alert, there will be a small amount of information such as a child’s description or a description of a car and a license plate, but not much else. Amber Alert on iPhone is limited to a certain number of characters as a text message. The warnings appear on the lock screen and the message center with a danger triangle next to it to indicate that this is an emergency alarm.

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It costs nothing for Amber Alerts on iPhone when shipped with this method. This emergency warning method also covers weather-related emergencies, although it does not cover things like a Thunderstorm warning.

Users will see an Amber Alert on the iPhone based on their location, which means that if an Amber Alert is issued in New York City while you travel there, you will see a notification, even if your billing zip code is in Ohio. Emergency alarms work in the same way.

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If you get an iPhone Amber Alert, the best place to go for more information is and Both of these sites will deliver new information about the Amber alert to your iPhone.

There is also a free Amber Alert iPhone app that offers more information about missing children. The app allows users to report an observation directly from the app. This iPhone Amber Alert app has not been updated for several years but seems to work.

If you did not receive an Amber Alert on your iPhone, but a colleague did, make sure Government Alerts is enabled. Grab your iPhone to get started.

Go to Settings -> Messages -> Scroll down to Government alerts and make sure yellow alerts are highlighted.

If this does not resolve the issue, your carrier may not support the built-in iPhone Amber Alerts yet.

How to Turn Off Amber Alerts Iphone

If you do not want to receive notifications for Amber Alerts, you can turn them off on your iPhone. If you do this, you will not receive the notifications at all. You may want to consider using Do Not Disturb to prevent your iPhone from waking you up at night instead of turning them off completely.

Go to Settings -> Messages -> Scroll down and turn off yellow alerts. This turns off iPhone Amber alerts for your iPhone.

On Android, the settings vary, but you can go to Settings and look for emergency or government alerts to change these settings.

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