Case-mate Hug Wireless Charging Pad and Case for iPhone 3G/3Gs Review

Case mate has come up with a new idea by its “Hug wireless charging pad and case“.It is bit different than other products which justifies its $100 price mark. It is made by maintaining the standard set by Wireless Power Consortium.

The most important factor in adopting a technology is its price tag. If the technology does not make an impact on the consumer then the whole procedure will be counted as a failure. So there is a big uncertainty hanging over every new technology ready to be launched. There is no sense in making a $100 induction charger for your mobile if there is any possibility that you will change the brand of your mobile phone in the near future.

Case mate has overcome that barrier to some extent by adopting the standard of Wireless Power Consortium. It means brand or model of mobile phones has become less important.

You can also charge up any device which was made by maintaining the same standard.

Then the money factor should come. $100 may be a bit harsh but case mate is hoping that this standard will be widely maintained in the near future. Then there will not be any problem in spending $100 for a single induction charger.

Case mate is hoping it will lessen your burden to some extent.
The Hug system can work wonders as my iPhone was charged from zero to full battery in just two hours. It is a great increase considering the earlier charging devices.

It has a charging pad as well as an iPhone case. Case Mate presented it as a slim one. You should bear in mind that induction technology is present into that case.

The part which is fattest of the case is nearly 0.8 inches fat. It is pocket able.

It takes only two hours for an iPhone to charge fully which is less than what other devices take. There was a faint, ticking sound at the time of charging my phone but it is of no major concern. It is mostly appreciated for its widely applauded standard and its slim design. Its work rate also deserves some credit.

I don’t want to carry my mobile phone with no or little charge in that. So I would like to have a solution to this. Case Mate has come up with the newest approach among all the companies with its Hug system induction charger.

Till now it is early days. But the omens are good. Hug system is a pretty cool example of the technology, its work ethic and its approach. One day it will reach to every person who is interested in induction charger. For now it is a bit over priced but if you are interested in induction charger then hug is the safest bet of them all. Have your own induction charger today and be a part of the growing customer numbers that Case Mate is already enjoying. That is all for now.

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