Most Common iPhone Problems

Another Most Common iPhone Problems You Should Know

There is no doubt that Apple’s iPhone is probably the more versatile smartphone, feature-rich and more practical in the mobile world. His huge amount of global sales is proof. But while the popular Apple iPhone is certainly a joy to have and use, There are many reports in a couple of problems from time to time. But instead of spending your check or pay the month of repairs on the iPhone, consider fixing these Most Common iPhone Problems yourself. You can get there on the right track (and help you save money, others), listing the Most Common iPhone Problems and enumeration of the steps on how to solve the iphone problems.

Most Common iPhone Problems List

common iphone problems
common iphone problems 1 -Low volume

Despite being a revolutionary conception, iPhones are not bereft with problems. A number of common iphone problems in the software and performance of the phone has left many eager users disappointed. Nevertheless, many features offered by the phone are so good that the sale continues strongly. Among the different common iphone problems that iPhone users face, one of the complaints that has encountered from the beginning is low speaker volume. Song lovers have been left disappointed because both loudspeaker and microphone volume of the device is pitifully low. In-call volume is no better either. So, unless you concentrate on the conversation, you are likely to miss some pieces of important conversations.

common iphone problems 2 – Delicate body

The body and screen of the iPhone smash easily. While scratches are a common occurrence, breakage has also been experienced even on slight impact. Although it is possible to get the screen fixed, running to the repair store frequently can be a bother. Touch screen is the most delicate type of screen but with iPhones, this common iphone problem is more serious. So, if you have an iPhone, be very careful with the handling. Store it in a good leather case to save the display.

Common iphone problems 3 – Short battery life

Another most common iphone problems is its small battery life. With so many features and access to the internet, people use it all the time for various things. A short battery life, then, becomes one of the most annoying common iphone problems. The battery runs out within a few hours of use. Several users have come up with the complaint that the battery does not last from morning until night even if internet options are turned off. The cause of the problem has been attributed to both software problems and defective battery design. A way of increasing battery life is to turn off Push Notification in the menu.

Common iphone problems 4 – Overheating

Overheating is one of the major and common iphone problems. In fact, the phone gets so hot that a message pops up on the screen calling for closing the system so that it can cool down. Battery of the phone has been blamed for the problem. The manufacturers, however, have blamed exposure to sunlight for overheating. The symptoms of overheating are dim display, weak signals or cessation of charging. Reviews about the phone also speak of plastic wraps around the phone being melted due to heating.

Common iphone problems 5 – Activation hassle

Activation of the phone seems to be another major and common iphone problems that users face. The process is rather long and complicated. Users who are not well versed with installations find it impossible to get the phone started without technical help. People have complained of being stuck up in between while activation. The trick to easy activation is stopping where you are stuck and restarting the system. Most of the times, this does the tick. Reinserting the SIM card or inserting a different SIM card can also solve this common iphone problems. Although there are solutions to the common iphone problems of activation, the fact that cannot be ignored is that activation is an undeniable i phone problem.

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