How the IPhone Excels at Business Applications

For a long time, the Blackberry has been king of the mountain when it came to smart phones that are used for business purposes. They have had competitors such as Palm and Microsoft come into the mix, but they were able to sweep them away with the power of their phone. Now a new competitor has come to play in the sacred garden. Day by day the diversity of the business suites available on this phone is growing. Yes we are talking about the Iphone. The Apple Iphone is not only slowly catching up to the blackberry as a legitimate phone to be used for business purposes but the growth of its library of applications is starting to overwhelm it as well. We shall go over why the Iphone is becoming a legit competitor in the business applications space.

The first reason why the Iphone is becoming a strong competitor in the business space is because of the power of its library as we mentioned before. When you use the Blackberry, most of this blackberry applications come with the phone and those are the applications that you will use for the life of the device. Yes you can download other third party applications but it is not encouraged as much as it is on the IPhone platform. Do not be fooled though, the default suite of applications that come with the blackberry is very powerful. With the Iphone app store , the sheer size of the number of business applications gives any competitor a run for their money. There are a few duds in the store but for the most part the app store has a lot of quality iPhone business applications. It will most likely satisfy anything that you will need in your day to day business operations. You will always be able to scratch your proverbial “itch” in the App store.

Another reason the Iphone is catching up as a phone for business use is the power of the Internet. There is no better phone in which you can view the Internet out on the market today. The Iphone has blown the competition out of the water with the ease of use they allow you. Surfing the web is a dream and if you need to check your email or gather information about a future client other phones make it more of a hassle. Since it is such a hassle, you will only want to spend a short amount of time on the web while you use other phones. When you surf the web with an Iphone you do not mind if you are on there for a long period of time.

My final reason for the exploding interest in using the Iphone as a business phone is the user interface of the phone itself. Apple is known as a company that knows how to get it done when it comes to a pleasant computing experience. Again with the Iphone they pulled no punches. Using the phone is a breeze compared to the bulkiness of competitors and this allows you to be able to comfortably maneuver around the phone. This in turn leads you get more work done. You no longer have to be at home or work to feel that you are in a productive environment. The interface of the Iphone will bring the user comfort.

So I’ve given you several reasons why you should use the Iphone as a business phone. The large amount of applications, the ease of use of the phone, and the Internet experience of the phone all are great reasons why when it comes to business phones, an iphone should be your first choice.

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