iPhone Drops in Popularity, Is This the End?

Ever since the original iPhone came out in 2007, it’s been the lead smartphone in popularity in smartphones. Those who have one are always waiting for the next upgrade, and those who don’t yet have one are usually just waiting for the day their chequing accounts have enough in them to buy one. But, times are changing and now it seems, the word “iPhone” may not be synonymous with “best” – or at least, not according to the recent polls that just came out. Those show that the iPhone is now dropping in popularity.

This data is all thanks to a company called ChangeWave. ChangeWave conducted two different surveys comparing the popularity of the iPhone, with the popularity of other android phones such as the Google android, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry. The first survey was done in June with the second survey conducted just last month. The June survey found that 70% of mobile users either wanted or used an iPhone. Only the other 30% wanted a phone that wasn’t an iPhone. But, the September survey showed that 50% of users would rather use a mobile phone that wasn’t the iPhone. And, for Apple executives, that’s a worrisome number.

One suggested reason for the drop in popularity is the antenna problems that the iPhone 4 experienced when it first came out and Steve Jobs’ rather pitiful explanation and fix to the problem – of which there is still none. The other reason for the drop in iPhone popularity is just that other smartphones are becoming more competitive and are coming with many more features than they once did.

Whatever the reason, the news is only good for consumers. The iPhone once pretty much had the cap on the android market, meaning that they could charge pretty much anything that they wanted. Now though, with consumers having more options than ever before, Apple is going to have to rethink their high, high prices in order to compete in the android war. And, even for loyal Apple users who would never think about using anything other than their beloved iPhone, it’s still good news. After all, who doesn’t want to save a little money wherever they can?

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