Nokia N8 vs Apple iPhone 4

One of the phones that have been made in order to rival the Apple iPhone 4 is the Nokia N8 device and from looking at the specs, they look almost identical. Of course, there is a lot more to Smartphone’s than simply looking at the specifications and often, it comes down to the actual usability of the phone in order to device which is best.

As you will probably already know, the Nokia N8 has got almost the same sized screen as the iPhone 4 device but the iPhone 4 has got a much better screen resolution. This is due to the iPhone 4 having the Retina display which is one of the most high quality phone displays out there on the market at the moment. Despite this, the Nokia N8 does still look fantastic, but is beat to the winning post by the iPhone 4 device still.

Another similarity between the iPhone 4 and the Nokia N8 is that both of the phones both have cameras in the devices. Of course, on the iPhone 4 device, there are two cameras, one on the front of the phone and one of the rear. The main camera on the iPhone 4 is 5 megapixel and this is beaten easily by the camera on the Nokia N8 as it is a staggering 12 megapixel camera. Although the Nokia doesn’t have the front facing camera, we still think the Nokia wins in terms of this feature.

Nokia N8 applications are also very cool and definitely compete with iphone app store.

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