How Does The Samsung Galaxy S4 Hold Up Against The IPhone 5 And Blackberry Z10?

If you want the best of the best when it comes to mobile phones, and you’re willing to pay the price, there are some incredible high end phones out there for you. Right now the best phones on the market are probably the new Blackberry Z10, the Apple iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S III. However, with the much rumoured Samsung Galaxy S4 now unveiled, and ready to go on the market any day, there’s a new kid in town. And rumours about this phone really have been rife, from flexible screens to eight processors, it seems like everyone has had their prediction about the Galaxy S4. Now we know that there’s no flexible screen, in fact we know all the specs. So, is it worth buying? Today we’re doing a direct mobile phone comparison to see exactly how the Galaxy S4 holds up against those three big boys on the market. If you’re thinking about paying that hefty price tag, then you might want to keep reading to find out if the Galaxy S4 really is worth all that cash…

Mobile Phone Comparison: The Galaxy S III vs. The Galaxy S4…

First up, we matched the new S4 up against its predecessor the older S III model. As expected in an upgrade, there are a few big differences between the two. The S4 does have a more powerful processor, running a 1900 MHz processor rather than the 1400 MHz one on the S III. That means that the new model is faster and more responsive. The S4 has a slightly bigger screen, measuring in at a full five inches, as opposed to the 4.8 inch screen on the S III. And that screen is better quality too. The display on the S4 has two and a half times higher resolution and forty per cent more PPI, making it crisper, clearer and brighter than that of the S III. The camera is also higher resolution, being a 13 MP cam rather than the standard 8 MP cam on the S III. Finally, the S4 also comes in around ten per cent thinner and ten per cent generally smaller, despite its bigger screen. The conclusion? The S4 is definitely a better phone. However, it might not really be worth paying for the upgrade if you already have the S III. The extra processing power is nice, but not particularly noticeable in normal, everyday use. And the screen quality is really only noticeable when the two devices are side by side. Given the choice, go for the S4, but if you’ve got the S III already, stick with it, don’t pay the extra, which just goes to show why a mobile phone comparison is a good idea: you might save some cash.

Best Seller War: The Galaxy S4 vs. Apple’s iPhone 5…


When it comes to phones, fashion has a lot to answer for. The iPhone 5 is not only the bestselling device on the market, it’s also the hippest. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s an incredible device. In fact, even the Galaxy S III has a lot of advantages over the iPhone 5, so we’re expecting a lot out of the S4. Again, the S4 has the more powerful processor, making the Galaxy around fifty per cent faster than the iPhone. But the biggest difference lies in the screen. The S4 has that full five inch screen, whilst the iPhone 5 gets only four inches. On top of that, the S4 has three times higher screen resolution and forty per cent more PPI, so it’s crisper and has far better picture quality. Oh, and the S4 has a Super AMOLED screen, rather than the older LCD technology on the iPhone 5, so it’s noticeably brighter and more vivid. That 13 MP camera on the S4 is again better than the standard 8 MP cam on the iPhone, giving you around sixty per cent more fine detail in photos. The S4 is really just a better device than the iPhone, although if you can’t handle the Android operating system, you’re probably better off with the iPhone. But there’s not much of a comparison. The price difference between the two models is marginal, and despite the coolness factor of the iPhone 5, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is just a better buy.

Battle of the Newbies: The Blackberry Z10 vs. The Galaxy S4…

Most of us thought that Blackberry was dead, or at least dying, right up until the launch of the Z10. For once, Blackberry dropped their old-fashioned, physical keyboard (and consequent small screen) design, and opted for a sleek, modern, touch screen format. As far as Blackberrys go, the Z10 is the best of the best. Actually, as far as mobiles go, the Z10 is one of the best. Surprising as it may seem, the Z10 has made quite a splash, and it’s a pretty amazing phone. But that doesn’t mean that it can hold a candle to the S4. What do you get? Okay, again the processor on the S4 is faster, by around thirty per cent this time. The S4’s screen is bigger, again five inches versus the 4.2 inch screen on the Z10. The difference in screen quality isn’t quite as marked as it is with the other two models, this time the S4 only has double the screen resolution and twenty per cent more PPI, but the S4 still comes out crisper and nicer to look at. And once more, the S4 gets that Super AMOLED screen, whilst the Z10 is still using the old LCD screen technology, so the Galaxy is brighter and more colourful. Again it’s the S4’s 13 MP camera up against a standard 8 MP cam on the Z10, so you simply get better quality pictures from the Galaxy. There is one more difference though. The Z10 comes with only 16 GB of internal storage, which is a little unusual for a top of the line phone these days. The S4 comes with the expected 32 GB of memory, so you get double the amount of space to keep your music, photos and games. The upshot? The S4 is absolutely the better phone. With the Z10 not only do you get a slower phone with a smaller screen and half the internal memory, but you also need to battle with the clunky Blackberry RIM operating system, which isn’t fun. So the Samsung Galaxy S4 definitely takes the cake.

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  1. With a 5-inch HD screen, a 13-megapixel camera, and either a quad- or octa-core processor (the U.S. will get the former), the GS4 is dressed to the nines with hardware goods.

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