How to tell the iPhone 5 is coming soon

There are a lot of rumours at the present time regarding the iPhone 5 after it was found that Steve Jobs; the previous CEO of Apple actually stopped the iPhone being released because he wasn’t entirely happy with it. It is now thought that Apple is ironing out the creases with the phone and plan to release it this end of year. However, there are now ways to tell that the iPhone 5 is coming it is thought by looking at the code in the latest release of the iOS software.

According to the rumours, Apple has accidentally let slip that the iPhone 5 gadget will be released soon as there is a section of code in the latest iOS release that points to the devices. The iOS 5.1 update is said to contain code that will be used specifically for the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 devices which are rumours to have larger screens. The iPhone 5 is rumoured to have a 4 inch screen and according to the code, this could well be possible.

The iPhone 5 is expected to be released over the coming months and there are more and more rumours starting to begin about what the phone will feature.

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