Apple Files For new Smartphone Glass Patent

For the longest time Apple and other smartphone manufacturers have been struggling to find screen materials that would not crack and would not scratch...
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Apple to ship iPhone 5 in September

The Apple iPhone device is one of the best selling Smartphone’s that has ever been developed and since the release of the iPhone 4...
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Apple iPhone 4 Loses Top Spot in UK

The Apple iPhone 4 has been considered one of the best phones for quite some time now and at the moment, there are a...
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Apple iPhone in Competition with HTC Desire HD

There are so many Smartphone’s on the market today that you would be forgiven for having absolutely no clue about which is the best...
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Apple iPhone 4 Outdone by HTC, Samsung and Blackberry

We all know that one of the most popular phones that has been released in the recent times is the Apple iPhone 4 device...
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Windows 7 Phone Vs. Apple iPhone 4

There have been a lot of predictions about the release of the Windows Phone just a few weeks ago and how it will shape...
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Apple beats Blackberry in Smartphone sales

For a long time now, Blackberry has been one of the most popular Smartphone’s on the market and they are manufactured by a company...
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