Apple Preparing New Carriers for iPhone 5

Apple’s iPhone 5 is rumoured to be released over the next couple of months and it is now rumoured that Apple is preparing the carriers for the phone. With the release of the original iPhone a few years ago, Apple chose AT&T to have the phone available on their network first but with other versions of the iPhone, Apple has allowed the likes of Verizon and others to get their hands on the phone without exclusivity.

Now, Apple is said to be preparing the carriers for the iPhone 5 that is set to be released and there are a number of possibilities on the cards for Apple. It is rumoured that Apple will be looking to add even more carriers than ever with the release of the iPhone 5 in order to make the phone even more. Of course, the likes of Verizon and AT&T are on the cards as they have a strong network and already have Apple iPhone customers. However, Apple is thought to also be planning to offer the iPhone 5 to Sprint and T-Mobile in the United States.

It is rumoured that with the release date just a couple of months away, Apple has been beta testing the iPhone 5 on these carriers’ networks to see how the device holds up. There is rumour that the carriers will be getting their hands on prototypes of the phone in August although some sources report they have the phones already.

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