iPhone 4 Case Revealed that Recharges Phone

The iPhone 4 has had a number of problems since it was first released and many users have complained about the design of the phone and how it is easily damageable. As well as this, there has also been the issue of the ‘death grip’ in which the design of the phone and the way that the antenna is built into the case actually causes the phone to drop calls more often than it should. Of course, another problem with the iPhone 4 and many other phones is the battery life. Now, Energizer has released a case for the iPhone 4 that solves all of these problems.

The new AP 1201 case that has been released for the iPhone 4 by Energizer is made from recycled rubber and it had been designed to protect the phone. The case is said to be very slip resistant and because of the rubber material used for the case, it also fixes the problem with the iPhone 4 device of the ‘death grip’. As well as this, the case also has another trick up its sleeve and this is that it actually recharges your iPhone whilst it is on the phone.

The case has been designed to charge the phone automatically, making sure that you always have the maximum amount of charge. The case is good for 500 charges and it is a great addition to the iPhone 4 as it fixes so many issues.

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