Amazon’s Kindle Fire May Compete with the iPad

Amazon’s Kindle Fire May Compete with the iPad

The iPad has now been out for years and despite the best efforts of dozens of companies and developers there hasn’t really been any competing tablet. It seems that there may finally be a competitor though as Amazon is now preparing to release the Kindle Fire tablet. The Fire is the much anticipated Android tablet that is meant specifically to undercut the price of the iPad, but the question of whether it will take over the market remains to be answered.

The Kindle Fire is one of the most powerful tablets available on the market and it seems like it has a chance, but as of now most analysts agree that the iPad is still going to remain on top. The Kindle Fire may be a well-equipped and well-priced tablet but the fact of the matter is that the iPad still dominates in usability and function. Until somebody can compete with the iPad in that way, the iPad will remain safely atop the pyramid.

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