White iPhone 4 Rumours as Walmart make Shelf Space

As many of you will know, the iPhone 4 device was released by Apple a couple of months ago now and still, we haven’t seen the release of the white iPhone 4 device from the company. There have apparently been a number of delays in the production of the phone and Apple say that they will be released as soon as possible. Now, customers have gotten their hopes up as Walmart in the US has actually made shelf space for the white iPhone 4.

The reasons for the delay of the release of the white iPhone 4 devices have not yet been disclosed by Apple and we don’t know if they ever will be. However, there are a number of theories ranging from complications that the reinforced glass on the back of the iPhone 4 will have on the proximity sensor of the iPhone to reasons that aren’t as technical such as Apple just don’t want to release the phone yet. Either way, customers have been given a new hope over the past couple of days as there have been rumours that Walmart have cleared shelf space for the white iPhone 4. There is rumoured to be a shelf in the store with the words “White iPhone 4 16GB” printed on it and this has been taken by some people to mean that the iPhone will be available within days.

Of course, these are just rumours and Apple have not confirmed the release of the iPhone 4 in white yet.

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  1. i have been waiting for the white one for a long time , I dare not to buy a iphone 4 After the antenna issue spread out, but i am look forwartd to get a iphone, so , i am waiting for the Verizon one and White one which will solved the antenna proble ,at the same time , i intend to order the Netflix serve and buy a Aneesoft iphone video converter..

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