SkyFire App to come to Apple iPad

You might have heard of the Skyfire applcation for the iPhone that was released a couple of weeks ago. The applcation actually allows users of the iPhone devices to view flash content on their mobile devices. This is something that is currently not possible on the iPhone or iPad devices as Apple believe that flash content is not a stable program to run on the devices and have therefore disallowed it. Instead, Apple have decided to opt for HTML5 content which is expected to overtake flash over the next few years. Now, the Skyfire browser is expected to come to the iPad over the next few months ensuring that users of the Apple iPad can also view the flash content on their devices.

The Skyfire browser was a huge success when it was released for the iPhone and it actually had to be removed from the iTunes app store for a while as there was too much demand for the company to actually handle. The Skyfire browser saw millions of downloads in the first weekend of being released into the iTunes app store which just goes to show there really is a huge amount of people that would like to be able to view flash content on their iPhone and iPad devices.

Now, the Skyfire was expected to be released for the iPad over the next week or so and the makers of the app are hoping that it will actually arrive before Christmas.

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