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We recently received a question from Sarah regarding passwords in the App Store. The problem Sarah is having is with her mom’s iPod Touch. The problem is that they want to access the App Store, but it keeps asking them for their password, and the password they enter doesn’t work. Ever had this problem? Truthfully, it can be a real pain because there is no way that Apple can recover a password for you. Once you’ve entered it, it’s there and you better make sure you remember it! So is there any way to recover your password for the App Store?

The first thing to know is that your password for the App Store will be the same one that you use for iTunes. So if you’ve tried anything other than that, trying your iTunes password will probably open the App Store up in a jiffy for you. However, Sarah’s problem is that, if there was a password already locked in for the App Store, it would only be one thing, and that “one thing” isn’t working. So, on to the next solution.

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Unfortunately, as stated earlier, there is no way to get your App Store password back if you’ve forgotten it. Or, in the case of Sarah’s mom, if you think that Apple’s just being tricky and you never actually even entered one. But that doesn’t mean that your iPod is only good as a paperweight either. It does mean that you will have to restore your iPod Touch.

To restore your iPod, first you’ll need to download the latest version of iTunes if you haven’t already done so. Then you might want to back up everything that’s on your Touch, because once you restore it, it will be wiped clean completely. Then hook up your iPod Touch to your computer and click on the “iPod Touch” under the “Source” tab in iTunes. There you’ll see a tab that says “Summary.” Once you select that and select “Check for updates”, you’ll see “Restore.” Choose that option and follow the instructions to restore your iPod Touch.

Fixing a problem with your password in the App Store with the iPod Touch can be a bit of a pain. But once you do it, you’ll have access to the thousands of apps just waiting to be downloaded. Now, isn’t that worth it?

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