Free iPod Touch Apps for Radio; TuneIn

With the iPod Touch and the iPhone having Wi-Fi connectivity, there are a range of services that you can have access to and one of them is of course the radio. Most radio stations these days will stream their content over the internet and there are a variety of apps out there that allow you to compile many radio stations into one place. One of the best apps for this is an app called TuneIn.

When you first launch TuneIn, you will be presented with a well designed app that will allow you to listen to thousands of radio stations. The menu will allow you to search for the radio station you want to listen to and you can search by location, different genres of music and many more. The fantastically well designed menu system makes navigating to the radio station you want extremely easy.

Once you have found a radio station, listening to it is as easy as simply clicking on it and you can eve add it to your favourites if you like. Perhaps one of the best features of this app is the way that it works with iPhone multitasking as you can actually exit the app and still be listing to music on the latest version of iOS 4.3. The app is available as a free download from the iTunes app store and is one of the best radio apps out there today. It also works over 3G on the iPhone.

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