Why You Should Not Give Your Child An IPad

Why You Should Not Give Your Child An IPad. We are currently living in a high technological world where children going out of our homes to play is no longer seen as fun but a way of exposing them to danger, occasioned by increased insecurities across our cities. There seems to be an increase in children spending more time in doors as opposed to outdoors.

Parents are increasingly coming under pressure from their children to purchase for them the latest technological gadget, the iPad begin the favorite.

Hardly does a child’s birthday pass before he/ she requests to be bought for an iPad, Laptop, smart-phone, etc as a birthday present. The era where bicycles or football were treasured as birthday presents is long gone. As such the iPad has made its way to a “must have list” for many children.

Why You Should Not Give Your Child An IPad

The following however are reasons why you as a parent should guard yourself from falling prey to this must have list:

1. The iPad will definitely drain your pocket if you lack the financial muscle to purchase and maintain the item especially once it breaks. Since an iPad is used by children as young as 2 years, the said machines can easily break when left to these children. The cost of replacing it is usually high hence creating a strain in the family budget.

2. The iPad is slowly but surely becoming an ideal babysitter for children. It is common to find in most homes that parents live their children to interact with iPad and not themselves. Often parents coming out from strenuous work prefer to leave their children quietly play with iPad once they get back home as opposed to spending quality time with them. The iPad is becoming an ideal baby sitter for the child hence denying parents an opportunity to exercise their parental skills.

3. The iPad is equipping children with technological skills as opposed to proper communication skills and real interaction skills. Children hence develop conceptualizing the world as it is expressed in features shown on the iPad and fail to view the world as it is. Further, the child might develop awkward social skills brought about by persons they interact with in the social sights accessed through the iPad.

4. Your child will probably develop to become a social secluded person. Since an iPad is used by one person, your child may grow up failing to know the importance of interacting well with others in the society.

5. Due to increased seclusion your child is at risk of developing obesity.

6. Your child probably views an iPad as a symbol of social status rather than a technological tool. This may lead to increase of criminal activities in the society especially by children who cannot afford to purchase this item.

7. Your child future creativity is at stake. Your child is increasingly becoming over depended on this technological advancement and not be able to create/innovate their own items.

Whether you posses the financial muscles or not, your child’s future development is at stake. This in turn puts the future of our societies fabric at stake. This risk cuts across our social and economic fabric. The effects though not instantly felt, will be felt in the long run.

The writer is a post graduate student studying early childhood development and is currently researching on factors affecting normal development of children. As a video game hobbist, the writer is an avid gamer whom covers video games news posted at the website, ElderScrollsLevelingGuide.com

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