Finest five iPad Apps for PowerPoint Presentations

Finest five iPad Apps for PowerPoint Presentations

IPad is a tablet computer for presentation of Audi-video, games, music, movies, photography, periodicals and web contents. The iPad was introduced in Jan 27th 2010 by Apple’s then CEO Steve Jobs. The operating system used in the iPad is IOS 5.0. But iPad runs only with the applications approved and distributed by Apple. It is amazingly thin and light and handy to carry.

IPad 2 is thinner than the previous iPad and has a better processor of dual core Apple A5 which is nine time faster than the previous one. It includes front and back camera which supports video calling application and has original battery life for 10years. The storage capacity is 64GB of internal flash memory which stores all the data.

The iPad has Digital Rights Management wherein certain software are controlled like movie shows, Apps, TV shows etc.

Usage of iPad

iPads are mostly used for business purposes. Of late it is been used even in the classrooms to teach the children. It has been helpful for autism children to communicate and learn easily.

iPad applications for power point presentations

1. Keynote: for iPad is used for faster creation and smarter presentations where it can be created, edited and presented wherever you are. Keynote saves the work as and when you are doing the presentation. The presentation can be resumed from where it has been left off. The presentation can be projected even on HDTV. It is a touch screen presentation and can be swiped using fingers from one screen to another. Video mirroring lets the presentation display on HDTV which can be displayed on a big screen.

2. Conference pad: The new age of conferencing allows the control device to manage your meetings. The display is fully under the control of the user with a wireless Wi-Fi and bluetooth support. The display can be controlled by the laser pointer. Internal links manage to take to complex PDFs. Automatic mirroring to external screens and sending files via iTunes can be also done. A lasting impression with a high quality technology makes a best impression on the viewers when a presentation is made.

3. Premium – Office Suite: This is another form of application which lets to create, edit, view, in excel, word and power point versions of the office suite. It allows emailing attachments, pdfs, iwork documents, applications to access google documents, and downloads to desktops.

iPad does not support microsoft power point presentation. It needs some conversion to be done before the actual presentation. The video formats in power point presentation have to be first converted into .M4V/.MP4/.MOV files. This preserves animation effects, slide transitions, and other visual, timings etc contained in the presentation. It can be easily shared in YouTube to get connected in the internet world. iPad easily displays images so that the presentation can be viewed as a set of pictures specially if the pictures contains charts, tables, or photos and it supports pdf files also.

Thus the power point presentation can be presented with a high quality of images; videos connected to a LCD projector and can be displayed on a big screen to get the real images and real effects of the presentation.

4. Power Presenter: Power presenters are used for white board display of the projects live on the internet. It allows displaying websites, pdfs, word documents, iwork files, to display your presentations. It can be used by 2 screens another application for iPads used along with iphone. It can be used along with keynote and power point files.

5. Presentation Clock: This application is good for giving not only presentations, but also training, tutorials, or a public speech. It comes with beautiful animations, large size fonts for display with changing display colors. It has got a timer which indicates your time of presentation and converts black into red when the time is ended. With simple touch controls one can present his projects easily in time and with large size fonts for excellent displays.

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