Zillow Real Estate App for iPod Touch

If you’re looking for a home to rent or buy, or you’re in real estate, then you might want to download the Zillow Real Estate app for the iPod Touch. This app uses built-in GPS technology to show you all the homes in the area that are for sale, and all the related information to go along with them. So whether you need to know what the purchase price is, what the monthly payment is, what the taxes are, or how many bedrooms and bathrooms a certain home has, you’ll be able to see it all at just a glance!

Open up the app and you’ll be looking at a map of the area. On this map is an indicator for every single home that is on sale. Imagine just driving around a neighborhood and instead of aimlessly looking for “For Sale” signs, knowing exactly where to go and not wasting any time getting there! Not to mention the fact that once you get there, you can pretty much look up anything you want about the property. And of course, there are also full color galleries of homes too so that even if you can’t make it inside to look around, you can still get an idea of whether or not you would like living there, and if it’s worth setting up an appointment with your real estate agent. Because of the large display on the iPad, this app is said to be especially useful on that device.

If you’re looking to move sometime soon, or you just love real estate and want to keep your finger on the pulse of it, you’ll be happy to know that this handy real estate app comes absolutely free and you can download it from iTunes here.

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