AppStart for iPad

To celebrate the release of the iPad 2, and to thank all those loyal customers who have ordered or purchased one, the developers at AppAdvice have released what every iPad user needs – the AppStart app. This app eliminates the need to search through the App Store trying to find all the apps you absolutely need and downloading them individually, and gives them all to you in one great app. Needless to say, you’ll probably still download the odd app now and again, without the help of this app, but just like its title implies, it’s a great app starter for any iPad user!

Open up AppStart and you’ll find a whole listing of categories that will list apps that are of the most interest to you. When you find an app that you like, AppStart will also give you a list of the other apps that are like it and that you may also find useful. All of this so that users can find out just how awesome their iPad really is, and just exactly what it’s capable of!

Note that this is no boring manual – it’s a new way to find apps that will help you enjoy your iPad even more. And, even if you’ve been using your iPad for some time now, this app will give you all kinds of apps that you may have never heard of before opening up AppStart, but that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without. Help celebrate the launch of the iPad 2 and start discovering all kinds of new apps by downloading the app from iTunes here. But hurry! While it’s free now, there is mention in the iTunes’ description that this might not be the case for much longer.

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