Tricks to Play with in the iBooks App

If you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch, the chances are that you have probably already downloaded the iBooks app. This app of course was released when Apple released the iPad and is still offered free to every user, even if they’re not looking for it! Apple simply gives you a dialogue box asking you if you want it when you download the software upgrade and really, why wouldn’t you? After all, it’s a free app, right? But, once you have it, what to do with it? Read e-books of course, but anything else? Sure, with these iBook app tricks, you can do whatever you want in it.

First, adjust your “Tap Left” setting if you’d like. This setting of course lets you return to the previous page just by simply tapping on the left margin. But you can change that if you want to make it so that your left tap function will take you to the next page, instead of the previous one. This is really handy for left-handed people when they’re reading an e-book. All you have to do to change it is go to “Settings” within the app and find “Tap Left Margin.” Then just tap on it and your setting will be changed to make it easier for you.

Ever been reading along in a book only to come across a word that you have no idea what it means? Or a word that you just want to know more about – such as Tasmania? Just tap, hold, and then a “Search” button will pop up. Tap on that and presto! You’ll be given more information on that word than you ever needed!

Finally, download a dictionary. This will help you figure out all those terms that you want to know. To use the dictionary function in iBooks, just quickly tap twice on the word. Above it, you’ll get a list of options, one of which is the “Dictionary” function. Tap on that and you’ll get the definition of the word in no time flat!

The iBooks app for the iPod Touch and iPhone is a great app. But it gets even better when you know a few useful tips and tricks to help you along while you enjoy your read!

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