Apple Patches Security Hole in Mac OS X Server 10.6.5

As some of you might already know, there has been a security issue with the Mac OSX server where the mail server was causing problems. On the server, the Dovecot mail server had a bug that would actually allow the user of the server to get mail that were intended for other users and this has caused Apple to rethink the update. Apple has now released a fix for the Mac OSX server that fixes this issue as well as many other issues with the servers that weren’t as much of an issue.

This new fix for the Mac OSX server comes just a few days after Apple actually released an update for the Mac OSX servers last week. The new update is now superseding the last update as the last update still has the security threat. Anyone with the Mac OSX server that needs to update to this latest update should be able to do so via the Software Update or via Apples support downloads page on their website. The update can either be downloaded as a 858.02MB update or a 1.12 GB combo updater that incorporate the previous fix as well as the new. There are also a variety of other changes in this latest update from Apple including many issues with the Chat Service as well as the Client Management services and Directory Services.

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