Download Spirit Jailbreak for iPhone 3G

For those who are looking for a new and faster way to jailbreak their 3G iPhone, their iPad, or their 3G iPod Touch, the Spirit Jailbreak has just been released. And this jailbreak promises to be so fast that if you blink once you’ve started the process, you might miss the whole thing entirely. Here’s how you do it!

First, download Spirit Jailbreak here. Once it’s downloaded, open it up and move it onto your desktop. You should see a Spirit dialogue box pop up asking you to connect your device. When iTunes opens, minimize it. You’ll also see that the same Spirit dialogue box has now recognized your device. Then, just click on “Jailbreak.” You’ll see a process bar that will tell you how far along you are throughout the entire jailbreak process, but it really will only take about one minute. Then you’re done! Your iphone device is now jailbroken, quickly and easily!

Users who rely on an unlock for their baseband should not use this jailbreak as it is not an unlock for the newest baseband. Meaning that if you use anything other than an AT&T SIM card, you might want to stay away from the Spirit jailbreak until they’ve update it to allow for unlocking.

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