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Recently, I searched through the App Store looking for any app pertaining to Stephen King. Being his biggest fan and not having any apps pertaining to him on my iPod Touch just seemed wrong so browsing I went. I downloaded a couple, one of which was the Stephen King Quotes App. I thought this app would just give me some good quotes from Stephen King the person, and not Stephen King the writer. Turns out, it’s nothing at all like I thought.

The Stephen King Quotes app is actually a quiz app. And although the quotes are written by Stephen King, they’re quotes from his books – the 50+ plus books that he’s written. Some are very easy and can be answered just by looking at the character’s names or by trying to deduce the situation that’s currently taking place in the quote. The quote “Smucky the Cat. Now he was obedient,” can easily be guessed that the quote comes from Pet Sematary. However,other quotes such as simply, “Sally,” are a bit more difficult.

The app is extremely easy to use. Just open it up and you’ll be faced with your first question and four possible answers. Take a guess and the app will tell you whether you’re right or wrong. If you’re wrong though, you don’t get to see what the right answer was – so there’s no cheating for next time!

This app might not be loaded with features or help you do all kinds of really cool stuff. But, if you’re a Stephen King and you’d like to kill some time learning more about him and his books, the Stephen King Quotes app is a really cool one! Unfortunately, the app doesn’t come free but at a measly $0.99, it’s certainly worth a buy. You can get it here.

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