Doodle Sprint; Free iPod Touch App Review

Doodle Sprint is a game for the iPhone and iPod Touch devices that was released a few months ago in the iTunes app store and since this time, it has become one of the best rated games in the world. The game was actually produced by one guy in a summer holiday and the game is very simple indeed. However, it has a simplicity to it that a lot of games do not have ad you will find that you are soon addicted to it.

The game is very simple in terms of graphics and basically, there are no graphics but the game play is great. The idea of the game is that you are simply a man that is running and you have to jump to avoid obstacles and holes. The game is designed like a doodle on a piece of paper and this really adds to the quality of the game as well as the uniqueness. The game works perfectly fine without any bugs and you will soon find yourself trying to beat your previous scores. The game is easy to understand and once you have downloaded it, we estimate that you will be addicted to it within just a few minutes.

There are various leader boards and achievements that can be unlocked throughout the game too which adds a bit more of a dimension to it whilst making sure not to overcomplicate it.

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