Top 10 iPod Touch Apps Free. The iPod Touch is every music lover’s dream gadget. This unique gadget from Apple packs all the features a MP3 player ever requires. However, it is hard to ignore the price tag of this sleek gadget. There’s no denying that the iPod Touch falls on the costlier side. That’s why, once a person has invested all his/her money to buy an iPod Touch, chances are that he/she might not want to dole out more money on iPod touch apps. But there’s absolutely no need to fret, help is at hand. There are a host of free applications which one can download from the Internet. Here is a list of the Top 10 iPod Touch Apps Free:

1. eReader – This ipod touch application lets the user read a book or listen to the audio versions – those that are far easier on the ears than the voice-to-text feature of the Amazon Kindle.
2. Flashlight– Lost your keys in the middle of a power cut and you don’t know where and how to look for them? Relax! This itouch application enables the user to transform the iPod into a flashlight! Colours for the light can be changed.
3. Tap Tap Revenge – This is a rhythm/beat based game. The concept is simple. The user just needs to tap the coloured orbs as they pass the white line in sync with the music beat. It ensures hours of endless fun.
4. Instapaper – This free ipod touch application is practically a must have for iPod Touch. Instapaper lets the user save web-pages to your iPod Touch for later reading, that too without a WiFi connection. The user needs to navigate to the page which he/she wants to save, click ‘Read Later’ on the Safari bookmark bar, activate WiFi on the iPod and update the saved pages in Instapaper. That’s it. The pages are saved on the iPod Touch so that user can read them at his/her leisure.
5. Stanza – This one of the best free apps for ipod touch is an absolute necessity for all bookworms. If you are the sort who loves to read books but at the same time hate to carry around the books everwhere you go, this is the application you need. Stanza is an ebook reader that gives you the opportunity to upload all your ebooks onto your iPod.
6. White Noise – This interesting application helps the user go to sleep peacefully by playing ambient, environmental sounds.
7. IM+ Lite – This application is effective for anybody who likes to be on instant messenger at all hours of the day. It offers the ability to connect to any instant messenger programme.
8. Restaurant Nutrition – This fun and useful application allows the user to view and track calories, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in every menu in the most popular restaurant chains.
9. eBay Mobile – EBay users will surely love this. This application gives users direct access to their eBay account, allowing them to search, bid and buy.
10. Calorie Tracker – This free ipod touch app will help the user to monitor their calorie intake and exercise routines.

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