Where to Download Free iPodWizard?

Free iPod wizard download is available in two types. Both types will give the same software as a result but anyway, there is a slight difference.

When looking for free iPodwizard download you should consider downloading the tool in (.zip).This file is portable and will not need installation. After having completed downloading the free iPod wizard process you should only have to unzip the files and run the wizard.

The next option is downloading it in (.exe) file. This is an installer file and it is recommended for amateur users, for beginners and for those who are new to the free iPod wizard download procedure. You will have an option to install the tool later. The file will let you choose from an array of options and will add registry entries, shortcuts etc.

Before you start your free iPod wizard download, make sure that you will be modifying a supported iPod. If your iPod is unsupported, you will not be able to modify it in anyway. Here is a short list of instructions to follow while making a free iPod wizard download:

Downloading installer (.exe)

You should agree to the GNU Public License before the installation of the iPod Wizard.

The installer has not been developed by the developer of iPod Wizard and it is used with permission.

For your convenience, the iPod Wizard is available in 13 languages.

If the installer download is giving you problems you should not seek help from outsiders or post help questions regarding the installer. It is recommended to contact Apple® directly.

Downloading (.zip) or (.rar)

Chances to download a .rar or .zip file are equal.

You can use WinRar which is a shareware but anyway, it is very popular among users.

You make take advantage of a completely free and light extractor – Extract now.


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