Send Encrypted SMS Messages with a Jailbroken iPhone

A lot of people these days are turning to jailbreaking their iPhone and iPod Touch devices. Although Apple aren’t particularly happy about this and they have tried to make it as difficult as possible for people to do so, it seems that they just cannot actually stop people from doing it and at the moment, it is not illegal. There are many advantages to jailbreaking your iPhone and iPod Touch devices with the obvious one being that you can get new and exciting things for the devices. Jailbreaking will allow you to install apps on the device that you just wouldn’t have been able to do if you hadn’t jailbroken the phone.

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One of the latest things that is available for jailbroken iPhone devices is something called SecretSMS. This is an app that can be downloaded from Cydia on any jailbroken iPhone and it will allow you to send encrypted SMS messages to any recipient. This means that the recipient of the SMS will not be able to read it until they enter a password. Now, although the recipient doesn’t have to have the SecretSMS app installed on their iPhone to make use of this, they will have to have a jailbroken iPhone device.

There are many reasons why this is a great app to have and really increases security of those personal SMS messages. The app is available free on Cydia with any jailbroken iPhone device.

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