BBC Launches iPlayer Application on iPhone and iPad

The BBC; a UK based broadcasting company, has finally released a native application for the Apple iPhone and iPad devices that will let users stream their favourite TV shows. The app that has been released by the BBC has been a while in the making and is now available to download from the iTunes app store free of charge. The app will require that users have an iPhone 3GS device or later and have the iOS 4.3 software installed as a minimum. The application allows users to be able to catch up on TV shows that they might have missed as well as radio shows on a variety of channels and stations owned by the BBC.

Previously, Apple iPhone and iPad users were able to use the iPlayer on their devices although there wasn’t a native app. This meant that users had to launch the iPlayer website in Safari on the devices and browse the iPhone and iPad versions of the iPlayer website. The application will make it easier than ever for users to be able to catch up on programming that they might have missed and users can even watch live TV.

Users will be able to stream the content over either 3G or Wi-Fi meaning that they will be able to catch up on programming anywhere they like. The BBC has said that they will shortly be rolling out 3G streaming on their native apps for Blackberry, Nokia and other devices.

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