Apple to start using Taiwan Company to Produce Processors

Apple has a lot of products on the market at the moment that are using some of the best processors around at the moment. For example, all of their Macbook devices use extremely fast processors and even their iPhone devices now use relatively good processors. Apple is currently using processors exclusively that are developed and manufactured by a Korean firm but it is now thought that Apple is thinking of handing over the production of these to a Taiwanese firm.

It is thought that Apple is soon set to transfer their processing needs to a company called Taiwan Semiconducter Manufacturing Company. This is the same company that Samsung uses for their processors that are used in many of their products and it is thought that this move will make Apple and Samsung somewhat competitors.

With Samsung moving in on the tablet market in order to compete with the Apple iPad device, it is thought that Apple has sought a more neutral manufacturer for their chips after they had a variety of leaks over their latest technological advances. It is thought that if Apple were to move their production over to this manufacturer, they would be responsible for the processers that are to feature in the up and coming iPad 2 device that is expected to be released over the next few months. As well as this, they will also more than likely produce the processor for the iPhone 5 device.

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