ARM not ready for Apple Macbooks According to Analysts

Apple’s Macbook devices are some of the most well known products in the world at the moment and Apple is constantly striving to improve the devices. In the recent days, Apple has been rumoured to be considering a move from the Intel x86 chips that they currently use within the devices to ARM processors. However, analysts have said that despite this move being perfectly feasible, it is certainly not practical as there are technical and performance issues with the processors.

Analysts have said that the ARM processors would not be able to offer the same amount of performance to the Apple Macbook devices as the current Intel x86 processors that are used. Apple already uses ARM processors for some of their devices including the more mobile devices such as the iPad and the iPhone although it still uses the Intel x86 chips for its computers as they are more power hungry. Apple is thought to be looking at implanting the change from Intel x86 processors in their computing devices to the ARM processors as they are much lighter and thinner and would be perfect for devices such as the Macbook Air. However, the performance from the processors is not on par with Intel’s x86 processors.

It was thought that Apple was planning to make the move from Intel x86 processors to ARM processors over the next few years but analysts believe that it would be a large risk for small gain.

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