Apple Tablet Review

All the products of Apple Inc are very costlier than that of any other products in the international market. This is because of providing the desirable quality which was expected by the buyers. This is the good attitude for the company. But it is very hard for the low income people even to think about buying the Apple’s product. Now there is recent news that is spreading in the electronic market that hits the mind of many people who dream of buying their products. The news is that Apple Inc. is going to introduce a new apple tablet in the year 2010 with the price that is in-between iphone and the cheap Macbook.

This is the happiest news for the people who are expecting to buy the Apple’s product. The source says that “the apple tablet was expected to retail somewhere between cost of high end iphone and Apple’s most affordable notebook. This means that the price of the Apple Tablet is going to hang in between $299 and $999″. This Apple Insider will have the already established features like that of 3G enabled iphones and also it appears that it will have the screen of about 10 inches and the shape is just like a large ipod Touch.

The same feature which is going to be found in the new Apple Tablet in 2010 product makes the Apple feel not good. This may be the first time in Apple’s history to build the product without any new feature. So it was being expected that apple will make some new features in their new products. Some suggestions said that the new product is all about the thing that was built by plastics body. This makes the people around to think that it is probably be the tablets.

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