Apple iPad 2 Commercial Aired in the US

The Apple iPad 2 is one of the most sought after gadgets of the year and since it was released in the United States around three weeks ago, the demand for the product had been absolutely huge. Now, despite an already huge demand, Apple have released their first TV commercial for the device in the United States and many people are classing it as one of the most pretentious TV commercials ever.

We are sure that you are all aware of the iPad 2 and its dominance over the global market in the sector of tablet computers and it seems that Apple are as well. In the latest TV ad for the iPad 2, Apple go far beyond simply telling us about some of the features that the iPad 2 has and they actually tell us about their philosophy.

The TV commercial is entitled ‘What we Believe’ by Apple and during the commercial, this is exactly what they attempt to tell us. The advert is rather dark for Apple and pretty slick looking. During the advert, Apple explains their philosophy behind the iPad 2 device using a narrator. Apple explains that the iPad 2 is delightful and even magical in stages whilst all of the time, arty shots of the device are shown.

There is no doubt that the iPad 2 is one of the best devices that is sure to be released this year, however, Apple make it sound as if they have invented the best product ever in the commercial, maybe this is ‘What they Believe’.

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