Dolphin Play for the iPod Touch

Do you love dolphins and the undersea world? Would you like the opportunity to be a trainer and to teach and raise dolphins? If so, then the Dolphin Play app might be for you. This cute game lets you do all of it, and all while you advance levels and earn coins too!

There are 55 aquatic animals in total that you can choose from – and that gives you five different kinds of dolphins! You’ll have to not only train your dolphins to do tricks, and take proper care of the other fish too, but you’ll also have to take care of the many different aquariums in the game and sell and buy more fish! Plus you get to choose from different plants, backgrounds, and decorations so that you underworld lifestyle looks exactly the way you want it too. And just for the holidays, the developers have included tons of Christmas decorations and backgrounds too!

The game actually looks a little bit silly and pointless when you first have a look at it. But, it’s gotten great reviews from users. People love this game, especially the fact that you can name your own fish and tank! The graphics are pretty good too; they’re actually much better than we were expecting for this silly fishy game. If you love dolphins, have always wanted to be your own caretaker of fish, or just love really fun and simple games, then Dolphin Play might be a great game for you. Try it out yourself by downloading it from iTunes here.

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