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IPod Engraving Ideas. IPods are getting more and more popular these days. My iPod keeps me going for ages on the train or in the gym. I’ve even let it be the life and soul of my party! One thing though that is getting more and more fashionable with iPod owners is iPod engraving. Within this article we explain a bit about the phenomena, why people do it, how iPod engraving works and hints and tips on iPod engraving.

IPod engraving involves etching a message on the back of your iPod. Do not do this yourself as it could be dangerous and could damage the iPod. It is starting to be a style point. Some gangs use iPod engraving as part of their gang uniform, by etching the gangs emblem on the back of their iPods. IPod engraving is also used for security purposes. For instance sometimes it’s best to engrave your name, address and details on the back of the iPod in case the iPod gets misplaced. A variety of other types of messages are used as iPod engravings. For instance if the iPod was given as a gift to a loved one, the iPod engraving could read “with love….Mark” or any other love message. The iPod engraving could even be used as a birthday message.

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How do you go about having an iPod engraving? When you purchase the iPod directly from apple then you can request a free etching on the back of your ipod. The iPod engraving can be up to two lines long and this is lines should be 29 characters each. Apple will also supply a gift box with this that costs around $5 per box. However after you have purchased our iPod you may have only then decided that you want an iPod engraving.

The good news is that you can still get your iPod engraving after you have bought the iPod. A lot of jewellery shops will do the iPod engraving for you if you shop around. The best way to go about this is to shop around for the best prices. Make sure that your iPod is not vibrating while the engraving process is taking place otherwise it can damage the process.

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Hopefully now you know you can have pretty much any type of message engraved on the back of your iPod or iPhone.

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